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Within a regulated environment especially in those companies from Life Sciences sector, the stress on extensive validation of the systems to be implemented is always high. VeServ based upon its engagement with wide range of customers has gained an expertise in managing validations from planning to creation of post-validation summary reports. The team of consultants from VeServ can guide your organization through an efficiently handled end-to-end validation of the system, with their deep domain understandings and experience in handling various validations. This reduces the validation costs avoiding re-validations, delayed implementation and mitigates the risk involved to a greater extent.

Written Test Scripts

VeServ can support the Organization in providing the written test scripts in a pre-defined template which makes it easy to directly move to end-user testing. The templates can be revised to meet the needs of the Business and their compliance regulations.


VeServ can support the Organization in providing the right strategy of successful validation as per the existing scenario at the Business end. By providing the Master Validation Plan all validation activities can be tracked and brought under traceability within a single document.

Qualification Protocols

The qualifications – Installation, Operation and Performance form the base of a validation. The team at VeServ can provide the Organization with finished Qualification Documents IQ, OQ and PQ thereby reducing the time involved and compliance gaps.

Risk Assessment

The team at VeServ can work in-line with the validation department at the Business to risk evaluate each and every requirement for any potential impact and create risk scenarios. The critical risks assessed can be managed by implementing additional controls within the system. A Risk Assessment Summary after completion of risk assessment summarizes the risk mitigation.

Validation Trainings

As part of Validations support the team from VeServ can train the business users in validation activities before proceeding to the End-User Testing and software validation. VeServ is flexible to provide on-site trainings at the convenience of the business needs and coordinate faster validations.