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Audit Management

The VeServ Audit Management Solution enables the Organization to manage audits internally and externally by automating the streamlined process and addressing the current paper-based challenges to their core. The solution allows audit scheduling, audit planning, audit completion and creation of findings, follow-up of findings through investigations, audit closure with findings closure and response report submission to Customer/ Regulatory.

CAPA Management

The VeServ CAPA Management System is designed to fully integrate with other critical quality systems such as but not limited to Audits, Deviations and manage corrective action/ preventive action from initiation to CAPA closure. The solution streamlines Root Cause Analysis, CAPA proposal, Approval, Implementation, Effectiveness Review and Closure by automating with best practices of the industry, providing traceability across quality systems, status tracking and overdue controls.

Change Control Management

The VeServ Change Control provides an optimal solution to manage and control changes within the regulated environment of an Organization by initiating, evaluating and implementing changes with verification over an automated system. The solution allows any type of change to be proposed, routed for acceptance, evaluated based upon change type including classification, time lining implementation, appropriate reviews, recommendations and implementation approval. Approved Change is implemented with pre-defined implementation tasks and tracked to close within defined timelines with overdue controls.

Document Management

The VeServ Document Management solution automates the document control and manages controlled documents across the Organization on a centralized repository. The solution enables an Organization to electronically request document changes, route changes for approval, implement revisions and make revised document effective after completion of Trainings at the integrated Trainings Management System.

Deviations Management

The VeServ Deviation Management solution automates the current process of handling deviations from deviation reporting through investigation, implementation of associated CAPA and closure. This enables an organization to track deviations in real-time, pre-define responsibilities, control overdue/ delays and bring traceability across other Quality Systems that drive the solution to be functionally effective.

Incidents Management

The VeServ Incidents Management solution automates the process of managing incidents across an organization from identification to resolving through investigations, impact assessments, associated CAPA and Closure. This enables an organization to pre-define workflow based on incident type, establish responsibilities to reduce reporting time, evaluate nature of incident with quick access to previous incidents, investigations, associated CAPAs and ultimately reduce the business impact.

Market Complaints

The VeServ Market Complaints solution automates the handling of complaints from initial complaint, acknowledgement, regulatory reporting, investigation through root cause analysis, assessments and closure with any associated CAPA. The solution allows complaint to be reported from anywhere through its web-based interaction besides allowing intake of traditional methods such as phone and e-mail. Reported complaints are immediately triggered into investigations and assessments along with pre-defined reporting recommendations that guide the reporting to the regulatory authorities. Pre-defined responsibilities, fast paced investigations, elaborative assessments and effective CAPAs drive the organization in a streamlined process with robust handling and better closure timelines.

OOS Management

The VeServ OOS Management solution automates the process of handling Out-of-Specifications for raw materials or finished products from initial reporting to batch rejection or release through phase wise investigations and any associated CAPA before closure. This enables an organization to reduce OOS reporting time, evaluate for its repetition with ease of access to previous records/ summary reports and disintegrate investigation into multiple tasks such as Re-analysis tasks, re-sampling tasks, review tasks that can be assigned, completed and tracked.

OOT Management

The VeServ OOT Management solution allows the Quality Unit of an Organization to manage OOTs, from initial reporting through failure investigations, implementation of any associated CAPA and closure on an automated and streamlined platform. This enables an organization to reduce OOT reporting time, evaluate for its repetition with ease of access to previous trends/ summary reports and further disintegrate investigation into multiple tasks such as Re-analysis tasks, review tasks that can be assigned, completed and tracked.

Training Management

The VeServ Trainings Management solution automates the trainings across an Organization from creating trainings, scheduling training sessions through conducting trainings and closure after certifications by online tests if any. Besides the solution establishes traceability between trainings created and employee roles which simplifies and automates training needs identification specific to each employee. An organization can be assured to be in compliance with all training requirements through traceable employee training history and automatically tracked employee training card.

Vendor Qualification

The VeServ Vendor Qualification solution is web-based approach to automate the process of qualifying new vendors and manage approved vendors over a centralized platform connecting your organization with Vendors/ Suppliers. This solution enables fast-track collaboration with proposed vendors, simplify procurement, identify and manage supply chain issues such as non conformances, shipment delays along with rating vendors based upon metrics to ensure best quality. The solution gives real-time performance visibility for Management teams and clear transparency for the customers of your Organization.